DÄ International


Review article

Interventions to Promote Resilience in Cancer Patients

Ludolph, P; Kunzler, A M; Stoffers-Winterling, J; Helmreich, I; Lieb, K

Original article

Sport and physical activity in epilepsy

A systematic review
van den Bongard, F; Hamer, H M; Sassen, R; Reinsberger, C

Smoking cessation attempts and common strategies employed

A Germany-wide representative survey conducted in 19 waves from 2016 to 2019 (The DEBRA Study) and analyzed by socioeconomic status
Kotz, D; Batra, A; Kastaun, S


Vitamin substitution beyond childhood

Requirements and risks
Jungert, A; Lötscher, K Q; Rohrmann, S

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